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Recent works

Boxed water

Boxed water is an earth-friendly alternative for bottled water. Their package is completely recyclable and the inside is filled with 100% purified water.

Agency created a completely new strategy for the visual identity and branding, helping them in their mission to save the planet by decreasing the amount of consumed bottled water.

What we did:

Visual identity design, Branding strategy, Social media strategy.

The Shoe company

Shoe company is a market leader in their industry. For their new campaign, they wanted to raise awareness for being an environmental-friendly company. Their new shoes are completely made from recycled plastic.

Agency prepared and executed the roadmap for their new visual identity.

What we did:

Visual identity design, Branding strategy, Web design.

Company skin care

Company is a new skin product line. Their products are made from organic ingredients that are cruelty-free and harmless for every type of skin. 

Company designed the packaging and created a social media strategy and interactive app to go along with the launch of their brand.

What we did:

Branding strategy, Social media strategy, Application development.

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